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 Todd Debreceni, Author

"What Gary and Pat have created is a treasure trove of makeup artist information! Leading Ladies of Makeup Effects is lovingly written, and painstakingly researched, and should be a part of every working and aspiring makeup and makeup effects artist’s library. The book is ridiculously informative and 320 pages go by incredibly fast. I feel like I actually know all of these tough, gifted women! Now I can’t wait to actually meet them all personally!  What they’ve created is nothing short of marvelous."

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"Pat and Gary have written a book that is wonderful and timely. This used to be a completely male-dominated business, but no longer! This is a book that salutes the ladies in this industry that have truly left their mark. Their stories need to be told so that the new generations of female makeup artists have a sense of where they came from, and that it is no longer just a good ol’ boys club. My particular favorite part is the “Emerging Artists” section, of which most I’ve had the opportunity to get to know quite well during my time at Cinema Makeup School. I often tell my students, you shouldn’t just be a student of makeup - you need to be a student of film and of those who came before you. This book will give them a great resource of those ladies that came before them. Well done Pat and Gary!"

 Michael Spatola, Author

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"Sometimes you see the title of a book and wonder, ‘Why the hell didn’t I think of that myself?’ Such was my immediate thought when I first heard about Leading Ladies of Makeup Effects: Showcasing the Award-Winning Women of Makeup Effects for Film and Television. Written by Patricia Terry and Gary Christensen, it shines a much-deserved spotlight on the female members of the makeup effects industry, from a dozen Oscar-Award-winners and nine

Star Trek Beyond,  Columnist for Makeup Artist Magazine

 Joe Nazzaro, Author

Emmy winners to an enthusiastic group of up-and-comers, some of whom will undoubtedly earn one of those honors in the not-too-distant future. What Pat and Gary have done is literally travel the world to sit down with their subjects, creating a rare feeling of intimacy that rarely comes through in interviews with some of these artists. Speaking from first-hand experience, I can confirm that many of them are challenging subjects indeed, and I envy the writers’ ability to get them to let their metaphorical hair down. If you’re a shameless makeup geek like myself, this is a book not to be missed. It’s the distaff version of Making a Monster and about damn time too. "


"Although female make-up artists have always been a vital part of the entertainment industry, their contribution has rarely been acknowledged in book form. That is … UNTIL NOW.

. . . This much-anticipated book celebrates more than two dozen top female talents, from Oscar and Emmy winners to the up-and-coming stars of tomorrow.   . . . [Author, Patricia L Terry said]  "Each ‘Lady’ was colored by her family and experiences, and her indomitable drive to do what she loved. Not one of them accidentally achieved success; each of them
worked at it,  each with their own special twist!”

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"Books are wonderful possessions and there's a new title for makeup effects fans' bookshelves . . . just in time for Christmas.  The book offers biographical information about 26 leading ladies, their influences, training, projects and careers, creating portraits which express how and why they have risen to success. . . . The book is a first, being the only one ever written exclusively focusing on female achievers in makeup effects. It contains 300+ pages of text and photos highlighting                                                         the careers of these extraordinary                                                    makeup artists and women."

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"This book’s importance is in the uniqueness of the stories it tells. Each one is worth a consideration for the various aspects that it underlines.  All the stories are very different. 

In her story, Lois Burwell (Oscar winner for Braveheart) tells us how “every choice needs courage.”  In fact, choosing to follow your dreams and your decisions needs courage
Each of these artists comes from a different cultural and                                                      artistic  background . . .
each career is a                                           mix  of varied  experiences that lead to                                         the uniqueness of the single artist.


"The Warpaint office loves a good book and this week takes great pleasure in reviewing one that celebrates the contribution that female special effects make-up artists bring to the industry . . . and the authors have chosen the cream of the profession.
This book is the first book to offer portrait biographies of top females . . . beginning with Oscar winners, then moving on to Emmy and Emerging Artists . . .  the likes of Lois Burwell, Frances Hannon, Jenny Shircore, Christine Blundell, Robin Mathews, and Eryn Krueger Mekash.  In total,
there are 26 detailed conversations with Award-winners as far flung as

Australia, Barcelona, the UK and the US."

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"I remember when I first heard about the book The Leading Ladies of Makeup Effects at an event some months before it was released. I was absolutely thrilled and thinking "about damn time someone put this into the universe!" Growing up with classics like The Lost Boys and Scrooged fueled my love and obsession with making movies and makeup effects. I was IN! Finding out many of my favorite movies, TV shows, and makeups were done by the women featured in this book, blew my mind! It inspired and kept me going when the road got rough with biographies of women featuring how they got to where they are today, and what it took to get there. This book gave me the backstories of these epic women and the fuel for the fire to keep going.  Women like Eryn Krueger Mekash, Carleigh Herbert, Tami Lane,

Cory Taylor Bryant, Makeup Effects Artist 

Union Makeup Artist, IATSE #7,  at  High Noon Entertainment  &  Keep It Moving Productions

and Robin Matthew, who's journeys to the top of a field historically a "boys club."  I have since taken master classes and become friends with many of the incredible, talented, kind, and endlessly giving women featured in this book. I am so grateful to Pat and Gary for their friendship and support as well as publishing a book honoring these women and their journeys to the top of their industry. Now, as a successful working makeup effects artist, I always recommend my assistants, interns, and young girls whom I mentor from elementary school through college, to get this book and read it for guidance, inspiration, and what it takes to be successful as makeup effects artists!"


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